TV & Media

TV & Media

NCM’s television business started in 2007 in China and the division continues its disciplined and profitable expansion. NCM has generated a strong and diverse slate of prime time series on multiple satellite TV stations in China.

NCM maintains excellent relationships with Chinese major media, such as China Central Television, Hunan TV, the Xinhua News Agency, Beijing Radio, Film and Television Group, SVA Group, Nanjing, Fujian Radio Film and Television Group and Phoenix Satellite TV. NCM has been working closely with Sina, Sohu, TOM, and Baidu on Internet content services as well.

NCM’s production team has been working on major TV shows in China, and is very well experienced and connected in the market. We understand the Chinese market and we are creative and forward thinking.

NCM has been successfully distributing annual events by introducing successful US made shows/events into the major satellite TV stations in China. We have great experience in bringing foreign content and formats into the Chinese market. Our integrated services have helped many foreign production and distribution companies to start or enhance their TV production and distribution business in China.

NCM uses a cost-effective television business model which minimizes risk and maximizes profits. NCM targets niche emerging cable and satellite networks with unique, original programming and sells the series such that it achieves a combination of network license fees, international television sales, state and local production subsidies, DVD sales and other incentives in China to fully recover production costs from the first season of airing onward. The company is a leader in identifying cost-effective locations that welcome tax exempt entertainment production and has forged strong partnerships with Shanghai Media Industry Park for current and future television production.

To get an idea of what content NCM has brought into China, please see our content portfolio.