About NCM

About NCM

New China Media has a strong position in the Chinese distribution market. We have clients across many platforms, including national satellite stations, CCTVs, regional and local broadcasters, and new … [Read More...]



NCM provides a multiple services across all different media sectors, including production, distribution, co-production consultancy and services. New China Media creates a bridge to connect the West … [Read More...]

Management Team

Management Team

Dennis Pelino, Chairman and Founder of NCM Mr. Pelino founded NCM in 2004 with a focus on distribution of International Film and Television content into the China media markets.  Now one of the … [Read More...]

Latest News


Bona CEO Visited NCM Chairman in LA

During AFM 2016, NCM Chairman and CEO was visited by a group of honorable guests lead by Mr. Yu Dong, founder and president of Bona Film Group, Mr. Cao Baoping, a top director in China and Mr. Huang Jianxin, a senior Chinese filmmaker. The group had a face-to-face communication with CEO and president of New […]


New China Media Joint Hands with New Timing in Hollywood Blockbuster, Robotech

Robotech was the first anime series in America, and thus it ended up creating more anime fans than any other imported series before it. It has historically enjoyed massive toy and gaming merchandising with sales inexcess of $5 Billion worldwide. The brand has been released in over 30 countries giving it worldwide recognition for the […]


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New China Media and Tianmu are not affiliated through any joint ownership, their relationship is one where NCM licensed the use of its name to Tianmu to provide access to Western markets.